Halt Group has a large activities regrouping some of the well-known companies of the country in the most wide-ranging area of expertise in construction, renovation, rental car, MOT, architecture, concrete, real estate, employment, advertising and tourism. Companies such as EAD

Regie Automobile de Djibouti : RAD
RAD was created in 2009 and specializes in the vehicle emission test. The company is one of few of his kind in the African Continent with a European Standard.
Construction General & Constructing Services: CGCS
CGCS is created in 2010 and got several construction contracts throughout the city of Djibouti. Our personnel is compose of local and foreign national.

Andrews & associates:
This company an Architectural company who is one of the few existing in Djibouti, Andrews & associate can design all kind of houses, buildings…etc

Djibouti Concrete Industry : DCI
Djibouti Concrete Industry is specialized in the design, manufacture, sale and installation of Interlock pavement for civil, domestic, industrial road and highway. DCI develops and distributes products ready for easy use on site and provide expertise industriel.DCI ensures optimum quality of work; improved working conditions on construction sites and limiting waste contribute to sustainable development. Our current daily output capacity is in excess of five hundred (500 m2) of concrete pavement brick.
KSKC Construction
Newly set up, KSKC is a small construction company who is specialized in the finishing works, as well as construction.

Speedy Rental was created in 2008 and specializes the leasing of vehicles, SUV’s and heavy equipment: Below is Speedy assets:
Pamplemoos is an advertising agency. It’s a concentrate of tangy ideas and with added vitamins graphic design, for an energetic and punchy communication.
Communication. The activities of Pamplemoos are various and include advertising campaigns, graphic design, visual identities, web designing, offset and digital printing, gift items, TV spot, radio messages, photography, illustrations...

The best real state company in Djibouti, lease and rent on a monthly basis as well as yearly basis all kind of houses (villas, apartments…) furnished or not furnished.

Djibouti Safari :
Djibouti safari is a tourism & travel firm established to provide tour guide, business travel services and online directory for Djiboutian businesses and other institutions.
Djibouti safari was created in January 2008, with its head office in the city centre of Djibouti. The company is internet based as a service provider.

EAD Sarl : Labor broker
EAD was created in 2006 and actually manage more than 350 employees on behalf of 9 different companies including PAE/JOC.